2016 Goals and Strategic Priorities

The Port Authority is entering its third calendar year with a full-time staff and is prepared to build upon a successful year of new business investment into Jefferson County throughout 2015.  Our vision for 2016 is one that includes bold initiatives, including both capital investment strategies and new services for local businesses.  We look forward to working with all of our stakeholders to implement the following ideas and programs.

I.                   Organizational Structure and Specific New Service Offerings of the Port

a.       Formalize the Port internship program by creating a competitive application process with local higher education institutions.

b.      Research the local foundation community.

i.      Apply for grants in 2016 that support various Port initiatives.

ii.      Explore the potential to create a perpetual endowment with interest proceeds available for the Port General Fund.

c.       By 3/1/16 develop a clear set of recommendations and “go-forward actions” regarding the county-wide commercial permitting vision.  This proposal should be presented as part of an updated “site selection toolkit” that showcases Jefferson County’s readiness for industrial development.

d.      By mid-2016 establish the Port’s role in the entrepreneurship/start-up aspects of our economy.  Steps should be taken to establish a seed capital/mentoring organization led by local business leaders, potentially in partnership with the Port and other agencies. 

e.       Secure at least 10 new annual investors during Summer 2016 Investor Outreach process, focusing our message on the Port’s goal to create a robust Capital Improvement Fund for strategic economic development-related investments.

II.                Public Relations / Marketing / Community Engagement

a.       Develop a more diverse PR program beyond the e-newsletter.

b.      Improve investor relations (primarily, gain more regular feedback from investors) and involve them more directly in the Quarterly Investor meetings.

c.       Schedule quarterly Port updates at local governments around the county.

d.      In 2016 hold a roundtable meeting with the Board of Realtors to review the property database; request policy/process feedback from local agents. 

e.       Hold a Spring Retreat with all local governmental leaders to discuss site selection preparedness. 

f.       Direct mailing to at least 25 leading North American site consultants, focusing on recent industrial news and land development goals and progress.

III.             Land Development Projects / Business Expansion & Attraction

a.       Apply for grants to address the wetlands and other site attributes in the County Industrial Park’s 26-acre parcel; efforts to make this a prime, immediately available site must be a 2016 priority.

b.      Build upon the 2015 USEPA grant process to document key sites’ assessment and cleanup needs. 

c.       Establish a regular meeting schedule with the County and municipal leaders and utility directors to discuss specific infrastructure improvement and industrial park creation strategies in the most impactful industrial development areas.  The Power of 32 land development program (low-interest fixed-rate financing toward industrial park development throughout the 32 counties in OH-WV-PA-MD) should be consulted.  

d.      Focus on the current (late 2015) prospect pipeline, which includes potential projects in the Industrial Park and former mill sites.  Develop more specific marketing plans for these key sites. 

e.       Consult with Colliers International and Franciscan University to develop a marketing plan (and incentive analysis) regarding Franciscan Square’s future phases, which hold great job creation potential. 


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